Sigstr + Terminus

In the new world of Account-Based Marketing, alignment between sales and marketing is crucial to success. Bring the power of Sigstr's relationship intelligence into the Terminus Account Hub to execute and measure smarter ABM campaigns.

Sigstr’s integration with Terminus unifies sales and marketing teams through deeper, full-funnel account intelligence and shared insights for accountability.






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Account Relationship Insights

With the Sigstr and Terminus integration, you can understand and score your company’s relationship with every account in the Terminus account hub. By using AI to analyze the email and calendar patterns of your employees, Sigstr Relationships quantifies the entire universe of relationships a brand has with customers and future customers based on real, authentic interactions.

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Marketing & Sales Alignment

Healthy, positive relationships are defined by communication. Sigstr’s relationship intelligence analyzes the communication patterns of your entire company; making sales teams more involved and accountable in your ABM program than ever before. With a shared source of truth, account-based marketing and sales teams can align on the strategy, campaigns, and messaging that will help them drive opportunities at scale.



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Pipeline Visibility

Terminus measures how close a future customer is to consideration while Sigstr enables you to understand how your most important contacts are engaging through the entire customer lifecycle. Gain visibility into your pipeline by understanding how relationships are trending inside target accounts and ensure you’re making the best strategic decisions to maintain sales momentum.

See the Integration in Action

By combining two powerful technologies, Sigstr and Terminus help align sales and marketing teams, improve segmentation, and empower better execution of marketing strategies. Schedule a demo today!

Riley Gilstrap

Inbound Specialist