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Marketing Automation Integrations

Sigstr's new integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, and Marketo ensure that relevant marketing content is served to every email audience. Seamlessly connect Sigstr to 3rd party platforms to ensure a cohesive digital marketing presence. Align Sigstr campaign banners to specific contacts, import static and smart lists to Sigstr in real time, and track how prospects and customers interact with email signature campaigns. Learn more here.

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Sigstr Platform Installers

Sigstr's Platform Installers enhance your marketing efforts within a variety of marketing automation platforms by appending a Sigstr signature and campaign to your outbound email communications.  We currently offer install options for HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, Pardot, and SalesLoft. Learn more here. 




Click Notifications

Now you and your team can get real-time notifications in your inbox anytime someone engages with one of your Sigstr campaigns. These notifications will let you (and perhaps more importantly, your sales team) know when customers and prospects are interacting with your brand, allowing you to reach out when it’s most relevant! Learn more here. 

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Employee Preference Center

The Employee Preference Center gives end users the ability to edit personal information without the help of your Sigstr admin. Depending on which employee fields your Sigstr admin has unlocked, end-users can update signature data in a matter of minutes. Afterwards, download employee information straight from Sigstr to ensure your employee records are up-to-date. Learn more here





Employee Automation API

To ease administrative duties and ensure customers are focused on value-add activities within the application, Sigstr offers an Employee Automation API. The API provides customers with a secure, dedicated service that streamlines the management of users and employee signature data within a Sigstr account. By leveraging the API, customers are no longer tasked with manually importing and editing employee information on a consistent basis. Learn more here



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