Webinar Recording: Proven tactics to drive 30% more registrations for events and webinars

Hear from 3 extraordinary event marketers as they share proven tactics on how to boost registrations for events and webinars. Moderated by Sigstr CEO Bryan Wade, this group dove into several different use cases and showed how employee email fits into each of their event marketing strategies.

Webinar Topics: 

  • Event marketing best practices and lessons learned from events like Connections and Dreamforce
  • The Canvas team's webinar strategy and how they increased registrations by 48% in 7 days
  • How Terminus leverages Sigstr as an essential part of its account-based marketing tech stack for event promotion and sales development
  • How to use employee email as an owned marketing channel for your next event, conference, or webinar

Check out the recording to learn more or request a demo to see Sigstr in action.