Case Study: How a Digital Marketing Agency Can Define Their Brand Through Employee Email

Leading an agency is hard. It’s a different type of business – it has to drive real ROI while finding new, measurable avenues to distribute content to an engaged audience. We help agencies find a new way to distribute content through an owned marketing channel you’re already using, but not yet leveraging.

Download the case study to better understand using email signatures as an owned marketing channel.

Sandbox Case Study Snapshot:

  • 5 agencies rebranded into 1 unified, independent agency focused on delivering the highest quality services for clients like Heineken, Sprint and LG
  • Sandbox drove more than 2.4 million views to their unique content in their first campaign using Sigstr
  • Sandbox used Sigstr again to bring awareness to Canada’s #MissingType movement and had more than 55,000 views in 4 days