Sigstr + HubSpot

With ABM and ROI at the forefront of digital marketing, the Sigstr + HubSpot integration includes a number of features to ensure your Sigstr activities are aligned with your overarching marketing initiatives.

Seamlessly connect Sigstr to HubSpot workflows, smart lists, landing pages and email marketing templates with easy to use, point and click user interfaces.

With Sigstr + HubSpot, your team will have the ability to create and enhance automated customer journeys, drive more traffic to your website, increase exposure to your content, and link email signature banners to specific landing pages to gain access to detailed conversion analytics.

Sigstr + HubSpot




Use Our Seamless Integration to:

  • Sync HubSpot smart and static lists to align to Sigstr ABM campaigns
  • Create custom Timeline Events for each HubSpot contact when they click Sigstr dynamic banners
  • Auto-create HubSpot contacts based on who engages with Sigstr campaigns
  • Apply email signature interactions to activate HubSpot workflows
  • Link Sigstr campaigns to HubSpot landing pages
  • Track results from email signature marketing directly in HubSpot

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“HubSpot customers have seen impressive returns when using HubSpot and Sigstr together. Email signature marketing is such a natural way to deliver key content to customers and prospects.”



Amplify Your Automation

Want to learn how to take advantage of Sigstr's deep API integrations with HubSpot? Download this ebook to learn about the amazing things you can do when you connect Sigstr to your HubSpot marketing automation platform.

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Trigger Campaigns, Create Lists, Connect Landing Pages, and More.

Target specific contacts with personalized email signature banners by pairing HubSpot static or smart lists with Sigstr campaigns. Automatically move these contacts to new lists or workflows based on how they interact with your employees' email signatures. See if and when a specific contact clicked on a Sigstr campaign in the contact timeline.




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Check Out Our Raving Fans

“Using the Sigstr and HubSpot integration, we’ve been able to increase the impact of our inbound marketing strategy by making sure the right eyes are on the right content at the right time. The dynamic aspect of Sigstr’s email signature campaigns makes targeting our existing HubSpot lists with the right campaigns nearly hands-off, while still delivering impressive engagement.”

 Stephanie Casstevens

Label Insight, Inc. Marketing Manager 


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Riley Gilstrap

Inbound Specialist