Sigstr for event marketers

Sigstr gets every employee in your company to drive registrations and attendance for your events or webinars, automatically.

Sigstr turns every employee email that goes out into an additional touchpoint proven to drive registrations for events of any kind. Promote your presence at tradeshows, easily target customers for enablement and upsell webinars, geographically target prospects for local events– Sigstr creates awareness and interest for all of your events.

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Get a demo to learn how Sigstr can fit into your martech stack. Or, check out any of the event marketing case studies below!


SalesLoftcaseStudySigstr2.png SalesLoft turned every eighth Sigstr click into a new registration for their annual event.
MappDigitalSigstrCaseStudyThumbnail3.png Mapp Digital promoted regional events in different countries, all simultaneously and to the right audience.
CanvasCaseStudyWebinarPromotion_5.png Canvas increased webinar registrations by 48% in 7 days using Sigstr.