Sigstr for demand generation and account-based marketing

Sigstr gives digital marketers thousands of unique opportunities to engage prospects at every step of the buyer's journey.

Account-Based Marketing and 1:1 Marketing

Employee email is the easiest way to start account-based marketing campaigns. Sigstr's targeting allows you to target accounts and individuals with content for every part of the buyer's journey. Our integrations make Sigstr the perfect compliment to your ABM strategy.

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Demand Gen Marketing

Research has shown that the most visually engaging area of an email is your employees' email signature. Use Sigstr to include targeted, clickable call-to-action banners in the thousands of emails your employees send to your most receptive audience. Sigstr integrates with the leading marketing automation platforms, giving you endless possibilities for creating engaging campaigns.

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LPebookThumbnailScienceEmailSigs.pngNot quite ready for a demo? Learn more by downloading "The Science of Email Signatures" ebook. 

This resource shows how people analyze and read everyday email while proving the effectiveness of email signature marketing. Learn how to structure an email signature based on best practices and real-life examples.